Mindfulness Programme for School Heads

Mindfulness based Programme for School Heads

School heads today are faced with novel challenges, limited resources and increased demands for their expertise and time. The constant pressure to perform can deplete mental resilience and interfere with the ability to focus, to see clearly, to cultivate spaces for creativity and embody compassion.

How do I manage the ‘busyness’ of the day? How do I work with others without being threatened? How do I manage negative feelings? How do I manage stress? How do I listen compassionately? How do I communicate authentically? How do I give meaningful – constructive feedbacks? How do I receive feedbacks? Am I in control?

About the Program

A 2 day workshop will educate school heads on how to cultivate the ability to focus, see past our own filters, be more innovative and embody compassion. The workshop aims to work as a team, be mindful about responses, accept people and give feedbacks in a way that truly matters and is goal - driven.

Modules include

  • EQ and Mindfulness – Self-awareness and self-management using mindfulness.
  • Practicing Mindfulness tools – Managing emotions & stress, Mindful Meditation instructions.
  • Learning to be a compassionate listener
  • Working together – Paying attention, waiting, team bonding, validating, going slow and collaboration
  • Mentoring & coaching others– Giving and receiving feedbacks, delegating tasks, supervision and guiding gently.