Mindfulness for Working Parents

What is Mindful Parenting?

Mindful parenting is a form of mindfulness training and is defined as ‘paying attention to your child and your parenting in a particular way: intentionally, here and now, and non- judgmentally’. In mindful parenting, parents learn to pay attention to their children without judgment, increase awareness of the present moment with their child and reduce automatic (negative) reactions to the child.

Our 'Mindful-ness' based programme for parents, will give them the tools to step down from exhaustion, overwhelm and self- doubt to be more confident, calm, kind and build a deep connection with their children.

What the Programme entails:

  • Understanding the realities of raising a family in a fast paced and often frantic world.
  • Parents need to know - how the brain works and why they are more stressed, anxious, angry than ever before?
  • We need ‘easy to implement solutions’ to help parents manage stress, create peace and live happier lives. Build on parents inner resiliency and create healthy mental habits.

Why Mindfulness for Parents

  • Over stimulated minds
  • Busy Schedules
  • Too many distractions
  • Less support
  • Chronic Stress
  • No time for self-care and meaningful family conversations
  • The little time with kids is buried under homework, daily chores, activities and the ‘doing’. Continuous partial attention

Parental Awareness Workshops

  • Why discipline doesn’t work and what will
  • Co-parenting
  • Dealing with tantrums and emotional outburst in a Mindful way
  • No.Go.Tell - Child Sexual Abuse awareness and personal safety
  • Finding peace as a Single parent.
  • Raising a responsible, independent & safe child
  • Talking to a teen
  • Parenting during early years