Mentor Plus

A comprehensive skill based course for your teachers

Children today are dealing with problems like never before and are beyond ones comprehension. With both the parents working, Lack of emotional support, changing family dynamics, unrealistic expectations and academic pressures are challenging their normal state of mind and wellbeing. Not only are these children coping with all the normal problems of growing up, but many of them haven’t had a chance to be ‘children’.

The sad truth is that in today’s world, children are being subjected to unprecedented stress and neglect at home. If a teacher has any hope of helping them master their academic skills, they have to first help them unpack some of the emotional baggage’s they carry into their classrooms. It hence becomes imperative for teachers, most important and influential adults in the education system, to know the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of behavior management if they want to be successful in the key aspect of their job – teaching children!

In a typical classroom, teachers spend more than 40% of instructional time controlling unproductive student behavior. Hence, the usual discussion on behavior management places far too much emphasis on controlling misbehavior. This has not proved to be very effective, as controlling misbehavior is only a short term solution. Time has come to move the focus away from controlling student behavior to creating a learning environment that builds positive student behavior.

Mentor Plus enables teachers to use practical skills & strategies focusing on communication and interpersonal skills that help create a positive, loving & learning environment and most importantly a compassionate relationship.

What does Mentor Plus aims to achieve?

Mentor Plus enables teachers to:
• Nurture a strong, happy, loving teacher-student and peer relationships
• Master group management techniques that maximize student’s on-task behavior
• Enable teachers to hold down to earth & motivating dialogues with their students and inspire them to
be self – directed, self – disciplined and responsive to the wonders of learning.

Course Includes

Baseline Study - Mentor Plus begins by understanding where your school is and plans a growth map thereafter.

Workshops – This sustained school intervention programme consists of 7 two and a half hour workshops conducted once in a week. Each workshop will include learning, practice sessions and Home assignments.

Mentor Plus support programme - The course ensures that the teachers are giving the ‘right’ support & encouragement to implement learning and practice skills in the classroom and school. Mentor Plus support programme facilitates learning and exchange of outcomes and experiences between teachers thereby enhancing peer relationship and bonding.

Training Methodology

Constructivist and Social Learning Approaches are at the core of EvolveED philosophy of adult education. We believe that people learn best when they collaborate with their peers, actively work on solving problems and practice and reflect on what they are learning. Hence, Mentor Plus workshops are interactive, learner centric, and come packed with exciting opportunities for the participants to learn and practice skills.