For Teachers

De – Code - Crisp and interactive two-hour sessions

The primary objective of these workshops is to empower the participants to introspect and facilitate a positive change in their own lives and relationships with their children. It also aims to create awareness on adult - child relationship, child - centric issues, identify and draw out solutions to commonly faced issues at schools.

Some of the commonly held topics include:

  1. How to discipline in a manner that works – Helping teachers resort to a ‘behavioural shaping’ method to disciplining, implying contouring and adjusting till a desired behaviour is achieved. Duration – 6 hours
  2. Core temperaments - How to work with children of various temperaments and behaviours. Duration – 3 hours
  3. Handling difficult Parents – What are the kinds of parents a teachers works with and how to handle them with ease. Duration – 3 hours
  4. Ways children learn & Using effective Praise – This module addresses ways to orient children about homework, assessments, using group activities, student lead assignments, keep them motivated and curious to learn. Duration - 6 hours
  5. Balance – Exclusively for teachers who are Mom’s focusing on work – life balance & dealing with every day stresses and anxieties positively. Duration - 3 hours
  6. Building relationship with students – Learning ways to communicate, engage in a manner that invites cooperation from students & handling generation STRESS. This module also highlights Ego centric Vs Heart centric relationship. Duration - 6 hours
  7. How to carry yourself in a classroom – 10 mistakes a teacher makes in a classroom. This module also focuses on speaking and voice modulation. Duration – 6 hours
  8. Creating a peaceful work place – learn practical ways to handle gossips, rumors, back bitting and negativity in staff rooms. This module also addresses ways to be assertive without threatening others and gentle ways to handle people who get highly defensive. Duration - 3 hours
  9. Using Humor in classrooms – How to engage with students using Humor in a classroom. This module also uses ways to make classroom sessions fun and entertaining. Duration – 3 hours
  10. Creating mindful spaces in classrooms – Neuroscientific ways to create a stress – free peaceful classroom. Duration - 3 hours
  11. No. Go. Tell - Facilitating and responding to disclosures by children & handling of CSA cases by teachers. Duration – 3 hours
  12. De – coding behaviors – Understand the story behind a child’s behaviors Duration – 3 hours
  13. Deep listening & Compassionate communication: This module allows a teacher to listen and respond compassionately with all her students. Duration – 3 hours
  14. Curious questioning: The purpose of education is to get a student to think, promote common sense and problem solving. This module helps a teacher understand how to ask the right questions, facilitate thinking skills & tap the curious mind. Duration - 3 hours
  15. Holding meaningful PTM’s: Know ways to hold meaningful PTM’s and handle confrontations from Parents. Duration - 3 hours
  16. Self – Care: Like students, teachers are also struggling with a stressful day and an over stimulated mind. This module addresses the need and ways to take care of oneself on a daily basis, manage time effectively and fulfil their own basic & high order needs. Duration – 3 hours
We also customise programmes and workshops based on the need of the participants