For Students

Short Workshops for Students

The workshops aim to induce learning, exchange views, thoughts, feelings in an unbiased non-judgmental way & facilitate personal learning. All students will undergo theme based workshops and interactive sessions that establishes values, provide a forum to discuss perspectives & practice skills to reflect and articulate thoughts and feelings. It is also a means to understand the concept of self (thought-emotion-body), and relationship with peer, family and school and social media.

Topics for Middle School & High School include: 

  • Self-awareness
  • Interpersonal Relationships: When to say Yes and when to say No. Understanding Trust.
  • Social Media & Cyber Safety: What appropriate what’s not? Implications & risks, knowing the realities, Managing myself and my time.
  • Dealing with my Internal and External Distractions? How to stay focused during exams?
  • Dealing with Bullying & teasing 
  • Public Speaking – Refining speaking skills.
  • Coping with Anxiety - Dealing with feelings of worry  
  • Anger Management – Taking care of Anger 
  • Handling Peer Pressures 
  • Dealing with rejection 
  • How to calm down during tense situations
  • Why kindness and how it helps? – Why do we practice kindness? How does it help? How to be kind when the other is rude?
  • Handling Shame 
  • Why to stop blame & complain 
  • Self – Image & Body Image 
  • Teen Relationship – Is it Love, Attraction & Infatuation? How to cope with intense feelings? What should be my priority.
  • Public Speaking – Refining speaking skills.
  • Understanding an Adolescent brain 

Topics for grade 11 onwards include:

  • Self-Awareness (Focus on Intellect): How do I see myself? Explore my self – talk. What are the messages that I carry (Messages from authority, about physical appearance, friends etc), Building a healthy self-esteem.
  • Relationships and Communication: Am I trustworthy? How to relate to authority? Holding an open and compassionate communication with others? Parents Vs Friends – How do I balance? Social Media: What appropriate what’s not? Implications & risks, knowing the realities, managing myself and my time.
  • Preparing for college life: What are my priorities, dealing with freedom and marking healthy boundaries, striking the first conversation, How to carry myself?
  • Regulation of Emotions: Understanding emotions and how they work? Facing emotions, failures and pain. Identifying triggers and ways to regulate intense feelings.
  • Personality Development and Grooming: Body Image, Public speaking, Working in a team and managing conflicts, Etiquettes, Time Management etc
  • Principles of Mindfulness: Practising Gratitude and Giving, Building Attention, Ego Vs Authentic Self, Being Mindful about stress and life.

Mindfulness based Short Workshops for students

  • 3M’s – Memory, Minimum mind wandering and Mindfulness - Handling exam stress Mindfully
  • Addiction to Gadgets – Breaking Mental habits & coping with addiction to Gadgets & Social Media
  • Leading Mindfully - Leading with Intent & Empathy
Duration of sessions: Each of the sessions will be for minimum of 90 mints each.