For Parents

Short workshops for Parents

De – Code Crisp and interactive two-hour sessions that create parenting awareness and build childcare skills

Apart from sustained programmes EvolveED offers short interactive sessions for parents and educators. The primary objective is to empower the participants to introspect and facilitate a positive change in their own lives and relationships with their children. It also aims to create awareness on parent-child relationship, child - centric issues, identify and draw out solutions to commonly faced issues at home or otherwise.

Some of the commonly held topics include:
  • Balance:Exclusively for working & single mothers focusing on work-life balance & dealing with every day stresses, anxieties and temperamental issues positively.
  • Parenting with a Joint Family-Do you get irritated when doting grandparents indulge your kid without your approval? This workshop focuses on creating a balance with disciplining your child while staying with your in laws.
  • Father’s involvement: Motivating a father to be involved, playing a visible and nurturing role in their child's upbringing.
  • How to identify and promote the right learning environment: Know the 'FUN'damentalstage of learning for age group 0 -  6. Identify a child’s learning needs &instilling readiness to work.
  • Media impact: Television /video games/mobile is an addiction for kids - When and how do we put an end to it?
  • Sibling rivalry: This rivalry can start at an early age and often continue into adulthood.  This workshop focuses on creating a bonding and healthy relationship with siblings, resolving conflicts and setting clear expectations from the beginning.
  • Disciplining with compassion: One of the major roadblocks to effective discipline is when emotions other than love predominate -- such as anger, frustration, annoyance or impatience with communication as a key to teach and modify behaviors.  Learn to communicate with your child compassionately.
  • Staying calm: Managing one’s own intense emotion and building a happy family.
  • De – coding behaviors: Understand the story behind a child’s behaviors
  • Building a child’s self-esteem: Explore your role in developing your child’s self esteem
We also customize program and workshops based on the need of the participants. Duration - Short 2 – 3 hour workshops